We are LifeCity Because of You

As we enter God’s presence, we are filled with great joy because of you.” – 1 Thes 3:9 (NLT)

Thank you!

As we celebrate this season of thanksgiving, our hearts brim with gratitude. We wish to share with you the three key reasons why we are immensely thankful:

Because of you, we continue to live by its vision to be a church where people find HOME. Our church continues to be a haven where everyone, regardless of their past or present, finds a HOME. This year, we’ve been blessed to welcome new members into our family. This growth is a testament to your desire for LifeCity to remain a place of unconditional welcome and love.

Because of you, we are able to pay the bills and continue to pursue that vision. Let’s face it, running a non-profit organization such as a local church comes with a cost. When financial challenges arose, your response was nothing short of extraordinary. Your generous giving, both from our local members and our Lifers abroad, has enabled us to meet our financial obligations and keep going. Your support reinforces our commitment to our mission and vision.

Because of you, we can still lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus next year. Because of your steadfast support, we look forward to next year with excitement and hope. We have great plans to lead more people into a growing relationship with Jesus, and it is your involvement and dedication that make this possible.

LifeCity stands strong and continues to serve because of your faith, love, and action. Never underestimate the impact of your words of encouragement, acts of service, and gifts of generosity. You are God’s instruments in changing lives and shaping our community.

Thank you. Because of you, LifeCity is here, continue serving.

The wall of gratitude

These brinks on our Hub’s wall represent all of you who continue to serve with generosity and service.