We are LifeCity Because of You

As we enter God’s presence, we are filled with great joy because of you.” – 1 Thes 3:9 (NLT)

Thank you!

As we celebrate this season of thanksgiving, our hearts brim with gratitude. We wish to share with you the three key reasons why we are immensely thankful:

Because of you, we continue to live by its vision to be a church where people find HOME. Our church continues to be a haven where everyone, regardless of their past or present, finds a HOME. This year, we’ve been blessed to welcome new members into our family. This growth is a testament to your desire for LifeCity to remain a place of unconditional welcome and love.

Because of you, we are able to pay the bills and continue to pursue that vision. Let’s face it, running a non-profit organization such as a local church comes with a cost. When financial challenges arose, your response was nothing short of extraordinary. Your generous giving, both from our local members and our Lifers abroad, has enabled us to meet our financial obligations and keep going. Your support reinforces our commitment to our mission and vision.

Because of you, we can still lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus next year. Because of your steadfast support, we look forward to next year with excitement and hope. We have great plans to lead more people into a growing relationship with Jesus, and it is your involvement and dedication that make this possible.

LifeCity stands strong and continues to serve because of your faith, love, and action. Never underestimate the impact of your words of encouragement, acts of service, and gifts of generosity. You are God’s instruments in changing lives and shaping our community.

Thank you. Because of you, LifeCity is here, continue serving.

The wall of gratitude

These brinks on our Hub’s wall represent all of you who continue to serve with generosity and service.

Riding away from God’s will

The Jonah is all of us.

Jonah’s story was one of those biblical tales that fascinated many of us. The imagery, the adventure, the sheer drama of it! Of course, we might be confusing some of it with a certain character who sings “Part of Your World” — but that’s a tale for another time. Flipping through “The Bible Story” picture books, Jonah was an all-time favorite. But as we aged, we started to see ourselves mirrored in Jonah’s journey.

Nineveh’s Call and Jonah’s Flight

“The word of the Lord came to Jonah son of Amittai: ‘Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it…’ But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish.” — Jonah 1:1–3 (NIV).

Nineveh wasn’t just any city. It was the capital of Assyria, Israel’s most formidable foe. With a reputation that would send shivers down the spine, it’s no wonder Jonah was hesitant. But aren’t we all? At times, God asks us to walk paths we’d rather not. Paths where forgiveness is required, where we’re asked to let go of something we hold dear, or even to reevaluate our financial decisions.

But like Jonah, we too sometimes find ourselves aboard ships sailing in the opposite direction from where God intends us to be. It’s a stark reminder that even when we try to escape from God’s gaze, there’s always an allure or temptation pulling us further away.

Storms of Life: God’s Wake-Up Call

“Do you think you can run away from God?” That’s a question we’ve all grappled with at one point or another. Jonah certainly tried, and look where it got him. The Lord sent a violent storm, and Jonah found himself facing the consequences of his actions, admitting his escape and suggesting he be thrown into the sea to save the others. It’s a stark reminder that even as Christians, we too falter.

Often, God might send storms our way — be it a setback at work, health concerns, or other challenges. They are not punishments but wake-up calls. Times when God might be whispering, or perhaps even shouting, “Do I have your attention now?”

Jonah’s Dilemmas: Echoes of Our Own Struggles

As life unfolded, we realized how much we could relate to Jonah:

  • Major mistakes we thought we could never come back from.
  • Moments where we let down those we loved.
  • Times we turned away from God, feeling we had ventured too far to ever return.
  • Yet, through all of this, the beacon of hope remained: the understanding that God is a God of second chances.

The Grace Beneath the Waves

Jonah’s perceived nightmare, being swallowed by a massive fish, was in fact, a divine intervention — God’s grace in its rawest form. Sometimes, the hardships we face, whether they be health issues, failures, or personal sufferings, are underlined with God’s grace, guiding us back to Him.

So, the real question is, which waves of disobedience are you riding today? From the seemingly insignificant tasks of maintaining good health to the monumental challenges of mending strained relationships or rectifying financial mistakes. It’s a journey, sometimes painful, but remember: even as we’re running away, God’s grace is always in place.


There’s a strange misconception about rock-bottom moments. Some claim it’s a sort of pitfall we stumble upon. But if we’re brutally honest, our “rock-bottom” can either be God-allowed or a consequence of our own making. Either way, the sensations of being at that depth are universal — feelings of sheer desperation, overwhelming fear, intense regret, and haunting loneliness.

Consider the tale of Jonah, a tale familiar to many of us. He found himself literally in the deep end, swallowed whole. “Now the Lord provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.” — Jonah 1:17 (NIV). Kind of like being surrounded by the massive presence of a ‘butanding’ or whale shark, but much more confined and, let’s face it, a tad more dramatic.

You can be honest with God

If you’re picturing darkness, the sound of your own heartbeat, and the cold embrace of the innards of a colossal creature, you’re not far off. But here’s where the plot thickens. “From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God…” — Jonah 2:1 (NIV). No beating around the bush, Jonah was straight-up with God. He lamented, debated, complained — basically the raw, unfiltered conversation one has when they feel their reality sinking in. (Pun surprisingly unintended.)

Drowning in his own thoughts, he voiced his turmoil: “You hurled me into the depths… I said, ‘I have been banished from your sight; yet I will look again toward your holy temple.’ The engulfing waters threatened me… To the roots of the mountains I sank down…” — Jonah 2:1,3–6. See, here’s the thing. Even in his lament, even in his frustration and feelings of abandonment, there’s a glimmer of hope. And it’s not the saccharine sentiment of “Love will keep us alive.” No, it’s much stronger. It’s hope. Our true north, our lifeline is in placing our hope in the Lord our God.

Framework to getting out of Rock-bottom

Ironically, rock-bottom, as suffocating as it might feel, becomes the place of utmost clarity, the place of God’s profound presence. When we’re there, our framework to elevate ourselves revolves around three potent steps:

  1. Passionate Prayer: A deep, heartfelt conversation with God. No masks. No pretenses. Just raw, unfiltered emotions.
  2. Reality-check: Taking a moment to reflect on where we are, how we got there, and recognizing God’s omnipresence in our lives.
  3. Hopeful Surrender: Acknowledging that we might not have all the answers, but our faith and hope in God will guide us through.

It’s almost poetic how Jonah’s story unfolds: “So the Lord commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah up onto the dry land.” — Jonah 2:10. And herein lies the beautiful truth — God’s grace is embedded in the second chances we get, in our ability to rise from our depths, and in our renewed faith that shines brighter than before.

In our lives, we’ll encounter our own version of “rock-bottom,” but may we always remember Jonah’s journey. A journey from despair to hope, from isolation to divine connection. For in our most vulnerable moments, in our utmost despair, God is listening, always ready to give us another shot at life.