Author: arnoldgamboa

We are LifeCity Because of You

As we enter God’s presence, we are filled with great joy because of you.” – 1 Thes 3:9 (NLT) Thank you! As we celebrate this season of thanksgiving, our hearts brim with gratitude. We wish to share with you the three key reasons why we are immensely thankful: Because of you, we continue to live […]

Riding away from God’s will

The Jonah is all of us. Jonah’s story was one of those biblical tales that fascinated many of us. The imagery, the adventure, the sheer drama of it! Of course, we might be confusing some of it with a certain character who sings “Part of Your World” — but that’s a tale for another time. […]


There’s a strange misconception about rock-bottom moments. Some claim it’s a sort of pitfall we stumble upon. But if we’re brutally honest, our “rock-bottom” can either be God-allowed or a consequence of our own making. Either way, the sensations of being at that depth are universal — feelings of sheer desperation, overwhelming fear, intense regret, […]